How to sale on Mercari in 2023: A Complete Guide

Mercari is a popular online marketplace where people buy and sell new, lightly used items. It's a fantastic way to make extra money and free up space in your home.


You can quickly and easily sell your things on Mercari, whether you want to eliminate clutter or make room for new items. Here, we talk in detail about Mercari.

What Items Can You Sell on Mercari?

Mercari says it's a place to buy and sell almost anything, and that's not just a tagline. The marketplace is so big that it's easier to say what you can't sell. Among these things are:

  • Products that you usually can't pay for with a bank card or an electronic funds transfer
  • Items that pose a significant risk of chargebacks, damages, harm, liability, or penalties

Ways To Make Sales Easier

Here are a few ways that Mercari makes it easy to sell, from accessible bundles to bulk pricing edits:

Be Paid Right Away

No one likes to wait to get paid. When you have money in your account, you can use Instant Pay to cash out for just $2 and get paid within minutes. 

Advertise Or Make An Offer To Sell 

With Promote, if you lower the price by 5%, we'll boost your listing and let anyone who liked your item know that you've lowered the price. Or, you can use Offer only to discount people who have already liked your item. 

You can also turn on smart offers when you create or change your listing.   With smart offers, you can set a minimum price you're willing to accept and only accept or reject one offer based on that price range.

Making changes to prices is easier 

You can directly change the prices of multiple listings at once on Go to "My Listings" in your profile, change the price(s) you want, and click "Save." You can also change the price on the listing for each item.

Make sure your luxury items are genuine

With Mercari Authenticate, you can use the app to check the authenticity of your designer items in just 48 hours. Things that have been verified get a diamond badge and are automatically promoted so that more buyers can see them.

Don't use the label with the QR code.

You don't need a printer when you use a UPS or USPS prepaid label because we'll give you a QR code on your Order Status page after your item sells. Take your package to a USPS Post Office or UPS store, show the QR code on your phone, and they'll scan it and ship it. Done!

Easy to say yes for package deals

With bundle offers, you can simultaneously sell more than one item to the same buyer. Shoppers can choose the items they want, and you can accept, counter, or turn them down. Bundles also help shoppers save on shipping because you can ship multiple things simultaneously with a prepaid label from Mercari. To get people to buy bundles, list multiple items in the same category or that go well together. In the Mercari app, shoppers may only make package offers.

Set the vacation mode

Taking a quick break from selling or going on a trip? With Vacation mode, you can temporarily turn off your listings to catch all sale and shipment deadlines. When your break ends, your listings will turn back on themselves. You can also change the Vacation mode or turn it off anytime.

Does Mercari offer protection for sellers?

Yes, Mercari does protect sellers. This security includes:

Get paid guarantee: 

Mercari guarantees to pay you for the item as long as you deliver it on time and as described.

Shipping safety: 

If your item gets damaged during shipping, Mercari will help pay for it. With every sale, the company covers damage caused by shipping for $200.

No in-person meeting: 

When you sell on Mercari, you never have to meet your customers. This makes you feel even safer when you sell on Mercari.

Does It Pay to Sell on Mercari?

When you sell on Mercari, you're selling to people who want a big discount, but it's up to each person to decide if it's worth it. The website's home page says that prices are up to 70% less than retail. That might be fine with you, especially if you're selling used items you want to eliminate. On the other hand, if you're going to sell products you make, you may need help to make good margins while meeting Mercari's pricing requirements.

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Final verdict

You can make extra money and get rid of things you don't need by selling your gently used items on Mercari. Start by going to Mercari right away.

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