Top 13 Famous December Global Holidays | Best Guide 2022

December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays

December is one of the months full of festivals in the complete world. People celebrate their festivals during December global holidays. Many people know this month as the “World of Holidays”. Different celebrations include not only traditions but also enjoyment.

How many holidays are in December?

The duration of these holidays is the entire month. Every country has different plans for them. Most probably, people enjoy 14-15 holidays in this month. They are sufficient to do adventures in the last time of the year.

December global holidays lyrics & chords

It includes the playing of all musical chords together. Family do it together and want to enhance their bond with all family members. There is an amazing combination of lyrics with chords that make the December holidays more memorable.

Lists of December global holidays around the world

All individuals start to plan the celebrations for these holidays before many weeks. Below is the list of the holidays with their significance.

Hanukkah (28 November-5 December)


It is a longer festival that consists of eight days. It has many other names like Chanukah. One of the commonest traditions of Hanukkah includes an illumination of the celebratory menorah. For this purpose, people utilize one primary candle. Moreover, the Jewish also remind that how they recover Jerusalem. They are happy to get the 2nd temple in this country.

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Krampusnacht (5-December)

Many countries in Europe celebrate Krampusnacht day on the 5th date of this month. In Austria, individuals enjoy huge celebrations. The singing of a lyrical poem is famous in this country. It is their ritual to wear frightening dresses. It shows a part of the Halloween festival also. Everyone wants to look more frightened, so he has more chance to win.

St. Nicholas Day (6 December)

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas is a person famous for his helping nature. He gave all of his money and other things to the poor. His motive in life was to care the sick persons. People celebrate this day by distributing candies or chocolates. People in Russia & Greece happily enjoy this celebration. Further, the men dress up like St. Nicholas. They surprise their children with cute gifts.

Feast of the Immaculate (8-December)

The concept of the importance of this day is that Mother Mary did not commit any sin. Without doing misdeed, she conceived Jesus. People celebrate this day, so they remember that Mother Mary was a pure soul that did not perform misdeeds. This day shows her innocence.

St. Lucia Day (13 December)

The light festivals are popular among all generations. This day celebrates in the remembrance of St. Lucia. She helped Christians with the giving of food in Rome. It was the reason for her murder. All young girls wear their traditional dresses. They walk with the carrying handles.

Winter Soliscate (21 or 22 December)

The duration of Winter Soliscate is different in different countries. It is a shorter day in the north and on the other hand, it is longer in the south. This holiday is for the enjoyment of the winter season. The way to celebrate it is to arrange bonfires. In addition, people use candles to make a lighting environment. The best idea for a bonfire is in between woods. You will spend a peaceful winter night there.

Christmas (25-December)


It is one of the important festivals for all Christians. This date is specified for the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a global holiday in the entire world. Christians have a stronger belief in God’s son. They celebrate through grand parties. At parties, they exchange gifts. It is a unique time for all kids also. They wait to receive gifts from their loved ones. Everyone has different ways of celebrating.

Some prefer to enjoy themselves with their family members only. On the opposite side, some families celebrate with their friends & relatives. In this scenario, they arrange a yummy buffet meal. One similar thing in every sort of celebration is excitement & fun factor. This day considers a public holiday in numerous countries including the USA, UK, etc.

Kwanzaa (26-December to 1-January)

Likewise Hanukkah, the Kwanzaa is also one weekly festival. People from Africa & America celebrate it as their cultural part. It ends at the start of the next year. The residents of the US prefer to wear traditional clothes of Africa. Families celebrate in houses with small gatherings. The elder girl of the home is in a white dress and serves coffee & other baked items to guests. Some families do this cultural activity with their close family members only. With the choice of dresses, all persons utilize fruits & vegetables for the decoration tasks. They can also use them around the candle holders. After then, there is the lighting of candles also.

New Year's Eve (31-December)

New Year's Eve

The 31st date is the last day of one complete year. Every year ends on this date and people want to cherish it for the exciting start of the next year. The common activities of this eve are to attend the parties. The parties are everywhere including in homes, offices, etc. In addition, there is making of special foods that make everyone happier. We all make some new resolutions for the upcoming year.

So, such resolution is beneficial for the becoming of a good person with a successful career. There is a tradition of this celebration in restaurants in London. People not only enjoy the dinner but also enjoy the music. The beautiful view includes the presence of fireworks. This holiday eve is in all over the world. This celebration is a style for everyone to say goodbye to the last day. On this eve night, we all welcome next year with the best celebrations.

Omisaka (31-December)

In Japan, people celebrate the Omisaka on the 31st date of the last month December. According to Japan’s culture, it considers a New Year. Families purify their houses properly in every portion. Cleanliness is their main motive before the start of the New Year. Besides, they make Japanese meals for their friends or relatives.

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