Emily Sears - Australian Model of the Year

The renowned model Emily Sears has been a part of the Australian modeling industry for many years. She started her career in Australia, where her parents are art publishers. She was raised in Melbourne, where she attended primary and secondary school. When she was young, she hoped to see her picture on a magazine cover, but her career has taken her to various countries. She is now a part of the popular social media influencer community, giving dating advice to her millions of followers.

emily sears

Magazine Covers

As a model, Emily Sears has achieved fame by appearing on a number of magazine covers. She is the current Australian Model of the Year. In November 2016, Emily announced that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her in 2011. She reveals her relationship problems with Shane Martin, the guitarist of Coldplay. Despite the high profile of her career, Emily Sears has kept her personal life private. There was a time when she was linked to Shane Warne, the famous Australian Leg Spinner. However, in the end, the two men did not date and the relationship was cancelled.

Modelling Career

Emily Sears began her modelling career in Australia, where she worked with Harlem Productions Australia. She had her first photoshoot sold for two bikini magazine covers. In the early 2000s, she relocated to the United States and has appeared on over 15 different magazine covers. In 2017, Emily Sears brought out her first Emily's Calendar, which has a large following on social media.

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Emily Sears was born in Australia, and her modelling career began in the Australia at a young age. Her first contract was with Lad's Zoo magazine, and her first photoshoot landed her on two bikini magazine covers. She moved to the U.S. at the age of twenty. She has appeared on more than 15 magazine covers. In 2017, she brought out an Emily Sears Calendar.

Emily Sears

In 2017, Emily Sears brought her own calendar. Her calendar is now available in both English and French. It is available in both English and Spanish. It was released by the Australian company Harlem Productions. It is available in bookstores and online stores worldwide. Besides being published in the United States, Emily's Instagram feed was also translated into many languages, including German, French, and Chinese. In October of this year, she also brought her own version of the calendar to the market.

emily sears

While Emily Sears has always been involved in controversies, her latest one involved her boyfriend, Shane Warne. The Australian singer and model, who recently celebrated her 40th birthday with Chris Martin, also revealed that her boyfriend had cheated on her in 2011. Although the two are no longer together, Sears has been in the spotlight due to her popularity on social media and her modeling talent. If you are interested in learning more about the Australian star, here are some facts about her.

Emily Sears As a Model

Emily Sears is a model and actress. She is an Australian who has graced the covers of many magazines and starred in several TV shows. She has a huge fan base in Australia and abroad, and she has appeared on several TV shows, magazines, and on many websites. She has been the face of several brands and has a presence on many social networks, including Instagram. So, it's no surprise that the Australian model has a wide following.

emily sears

As a model, Sears has achieved many accolades. She has graced the covers of Australian magazines such as Lad's Zoo, and her work has also included appearances in various television shows. Aside from modeling, she also works with several famous brands, and is the face of a variety of brands. She has worked with many of the world's most well-known labels. She has also appeared in numerous events, such as appearances with Chris Martin, and is an active member of the music industry.

Numerous Projects

In addition to her career, Emily Sears has also been involved in numerous projects. Initially, she began working with a local magazine and was signed to a modeling contract with Lad's Zoo Australia. She was very young when she signed her first modeling contract and has since modeled for many brands in the Los Angeles area. After establishing her talent, she began to appear in a range of TV commercials and on the covers of several popular magazines.

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