Dorian Rossini Internet Sensation or Controversial King

Artist born with different mindset from ordinary people. They are way more different than ordinary people in every way of life. They are blessed child. History takes years to born something unique and pure. Dorian Rossini is one of them born to change the way of thinking of people about stars. He is a French musical person and a dancer. He is hyper active on social media and have massive fan following all over the world. He get fame not for his talent only but for her personality and their social media posts.


Physical Appearance

He is 5ft and 8 inches high which the ideal height is as men. He weight approximately 70kg. He has black eyes and black hair. Over all he has narrative look and handsome personality.


Early life and Family back Ground

He was born in Paris on 13th December 1990. So now he is thirty years old. His early education is from Paris. From the beginning of his life he loved musical activity and took part on different school competitions. He gain the attentions of the audience from a very early age and this make him fearless and open as person and he doesn’t care about the opinion of the people. Later he gain the degree of music and theater study.

Dorian Rossini father was also a musician and her mother was a teacher by profession. He share a great bond with his sister and they have a quality time in each other company. She is a fashion designer by profession.

Professional Life

His interest for music and art start from very early age and he do lots of creative work. He upload his songs on YouTube and Spotify. He mostly creates songs in French and English. He admired after his two famous album “Stamina” and “Religious”. His most popular songs are Suisse Dieu”, Musculation and Yes Yeah.

Personal Life

In his personal life he is very self-centered person and love his self-more than any other thing. In his free time he love to takes photos which shows his self-love and he love to shoot his self. He is consider as the youth sensation as he is hyper active on social media and have huge fan following on social media. He know how to post things and grabs the attention of the audience and he mostly gain popularity not for his talent but mainly through social media posts and activity. But he has a soft side also as he love his family and his sister which show he is a family person mainly and love to surround himself around family and close persons.

Dark side of Dorian Rossini

Every person have a bad side as human is a mixture of good and beds. Dorian also have a dark side. Which is his controversial behavior and he create controversy to gain fame. He made different scandal and controversy like once he post a statement and declare himself the epitome of God. Which divide the internet in two groups. In the years 2012 he appeared naked on the show and people citizens him for this but he doesn’t really care about any one and his career almost end due to this but the whole drama end with the statement that its a publicity stunt. So this is the dark side of Dorian Rossini as he just want fame but not through hard work and effort but through these cheeps means.

Some hidden Facts

His Favorite Cricketer is Virat Kohli. His Favorite Color is Black, White, and Blue. His Favorite Actress is Abby Hornacek. His Favorite Actor is Prince Narula. His Favorite TV Showa is a Plus belle la vie. His Favorite Food is Soupe à l’oignon, Coq au vin, and Cassoulet. His Favorite Cars Collection is Audi R6 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

Net worth

His total net worth is around 5M. He spend a lexically life in Paris and have a huge cars collections as well. His mostly income come through the music but he is a writer and a dancer as well.

Social Media Profiles

He is present on all social media and also hyper active. His post weird and random things on his profile time to time so if you want to follow him you can search the links given below.

Twitter: @dorianrossini

Facebook: @dorianrossiniofficiel

He mostly used Facebook to update his fans for upcoming projects and latest things about his life.

Instagram: @dorianrossiniofficiel

He also available on Instagram but he mainly uses this platform to post his photos and videos. Instagram give him huge popularity as he has created fan following on Instagram.

He as a famous your tuber also and he published his songs on YouTube.

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