Comic Vine Source of Entertainment or Time Waste

When it comes to entertainment everyone have their own likes and dislikes. Everyone have their own choice and taste in this regards. Entertainment is a vast field and have a massive productivity and huge earning outcome. Several channels and site introduce several new things in entertainment industry each day. Some changes brings positivizes and make the society more productive and use full. But everything have their own pros and cons. Several new trends brings negative impact on young brain as they promote nudity and other negative thoughts on young brains and waste the use full time of adult in some useless activities.

Comic Vine

Some site gain popularity by their strong content and struggles. But some gain it through creating some controversial content and people discuss them and they get popularity through controversies. The fact is for long lasting success you have to do some real work and efforts. No one can survive in this competitive world like this.

line-height: 115%;">Comic Vine is a huge platform which is used by the people of all age. It is a separate world in itself and full fill the need of their every user. The site have several categories and division. Which give every persons their dose of entertainment’s needs. It’s a debating society as well with several characters and others things also. There are several popular characters and poplar series and movies on the site.

The site is enrich in their options and every categories have several collections in it.  Everything come comes with its pros and cons. The site is the perfect example for this thing. No doubt the site provide quality content regarding drama and movie.

Positive aspects of Comic Vines.

The site is the perfect source of self-entertainment. People can customize their own entertainment and build a character for their own. The site in fact permute self-love and people who love to spend their time in their own company sure enjoy this site a lot. In this short-lived of animated deliberations and fun. Some people find it good and other find it toxic like a vine and destroyed you in the same way first we check the good side of the comic vines.

Unrestricted Debates and Involvement

Comic Vine is an entertaining site and amusing. I am sure when someone sees the word “vine” that word come to his mind is something toxic more often. As someone who has been a part of the Creeper for over ten years, I can say that this noxious side can be evaded or unheeded. Tactlessly, as people who simply connect to the Internet, we possibly do not know enough about other users to know what personal issues might be affecting their behavior. However, thankfully Comic Vine has a few commenters to help reduce any incidents of victimization or someone who goes too far from time to time, as well as any potential problems.

So people on the site can share their opinion freely and get idea from other people as well. On this site people have affection for other people and they help each other like a living community in the world so in true nature it’s a world for the people seeking the good entertainment. 
There is no faultless society. However, in my knowledge, for each consumer that can be noxious, Comic Vine can be an unlimited place to meet with others.

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Make you Creative

The site have several animated characters and games. Some are roleplaying games and you can customize your own characters and story. This thing makes you more creative and spark up your creative side. But as characteristics that other characters can create on their own. This could mean that you can see your charisma, choose their swiftness, strong point, stamina, skills, controls, and even behavior or optimism. It can encounter the user to create the hardest battle they can fight. ComicVine games bid uncountable ways to trigger your creativity.

Improve mental Health

By playing some customized games you need to use your full brain to bring some creativity. Perchance my favorite part of animated combat or a ComicVine competition is the level of double-dealing. Think of, this is a war. So these games want diverse ways of distributing with your charm. You are stunned by the battlefield you are in and you manipulate mentally. Enchanting into account all the factors of the survival scenario you might find yourself in, as well as the advantages or control of the enemy, also how you manage the character. So in this way your mental health improve and you learn several new things each day and make batter plans and tackle difficult situations more easily and creatively.

Dark side of Comicvine

The dark or evil side of this site is that it promotes nudity. Some people think its part of entertainment but it have so much negative effect on young mind as vine on the body of any person. More over site per mote self-love. People who are addicted to this site become lonely and they want to spend their all-time on the site and avoid their real relationships which cause some mental illness as well. Some series of this site is not appropriate for people of under 18 and other age groups as well.


At the end we can say that the site is good and entreating as well. But it have some negative aspects as well. We can use this site in good way and get benefits and avoid the evil or bad parts.

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